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Tribo: DUCKS

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House Stark [001]
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How TW has affect my Real Life:

1 - My children are now called 001 and 002.
2 - When I have to go out and hire a sitter, I
get irratated if she hasn't built something by
the time I get home.
3 - I get REALLY mad if she's used my children to
attack other households she has a personal
vendetta against.

4 - Several times I've had to run out and inform
the mailman that "scouting IS considered an attack!".
5 - At work I keep asking my boss to promote me
to baron status.
6 - He also doesn't understand my desire to set
up an "Academy Office" for people who want to
work for us, but don't quite meet our requirements.
7 - I play on the computer soo much instead of
working and taking care of home finances that my
car just got nobled (er, I mean repossessed).
8 - My best friends no longer have easy to
remember names like Ed or Steve but rather sound
like characters you'd expect to meet in some
Rocky Horror meets Lord of the Rings post-apocalyptic
9 - My wife gets pissed when I refer to her as
the paladin when I send her out to replenish our
10 - I had to shoot my dogs to make room for
wolves which have a better defense/offense rating
for the house.

Metas de combate
Salteador (Bronze - Nível 2)

Pilhe 10.000 recursos.

O senhor da guerra (Madeira - Nível 1)

Ataque 10 diferentes jogadores

Saqueador (Madeira - Nível 1)

Pilhe 10 vez outras aldeias.

Metas de crescimento
Bibliotecário (Bronze - Nível 2)

Descubra 6 livros de habilidades.

Arquitecto (Madeira - Nível 1)

Conclua um total de 10 niveis de edificios!

Campeão em pontos (Madeira - Nível 1)

Suba na classificação e alcance 100 pontos.

Força de recrutamento (Madeira - Nível 1)

Recrute um total de 20 unidades!

Guru do mercado (Madeira - Nível 1)

Troque 10 vezes recursos através do Mercado.

Mestre das Missões (Madeira - Nível 1)

Complete 40 missões!

Nível do Paladino (Madeira - Nível 1)

Eleve o paladino ao nível 5

Sem tempo! (Madeira - Nível 1)

Utilize a conclusão instantânea 15 vezes!

Outras metas
Anos de serviço (Ouro - Nível 9)

Jogue tribos durante 9 ano.